Thursday, 13 December 2012

A video clip that caught my attention

The title of the video clip is called the birth of the moon.The video is about what happened millions or billions of years ago and when humans first lauched their rockets to the moon.This video also tells us how scientist find out the history of the moon.

  • i have learned that the moon was not larger than the earth
  • i have learned that the Earth went through a lot before being what it is now
  • i have learned that there was another planet that crashed into earth forming earth now and the moon.

Places i like to go in singapore

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  These are some of the places i like to go. They include , Singapore Botanical Gardens , Gardens by the bay , my house , Singapore flyer . I like to go to the botanical gardens in the morning as the air there is very fresh , hence making me feel more lively , making me happy too. gardens by the bay also gives me the same effect . i like going to the singapore flyer as you can see almost the whole singapore and even sometimes malaysia!!!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My name is Lim Wei Xuan and i love to read books that are thick and have many different  characters. I also like to spend time with my dog and watch animal planet. The shows on animal planet are very interesting and contains a lot of knowledge value . It taught me  lot of stuff i could not learn in school. One of my favourite books that i read during my past times is YOUNG SCIENTIST which now changed its name to SCIENCE ADVENTURES. They show me lots of new inventions all around the world. My favourite invention was when the showed me a hovercraft that could carry a whole hospital!!!My second most favourite book is BIG NATE .It is very funny and interesting. My favourite sport is swimming. I feel that it is like flying in the air just that you are in water . Although i only accomplished bronze, i feel that i am quite good. I have learned lots of styles of swimming including butterfly stroke, freestyle stroke ,and more . I like to talk to people that have the same interests as me since i have lots of interests , i tend to be able to communicate well with most people f my age and older. I do not tend to quickly get into action unless there is a need to example an emergency or that i feel that something bad is going to happen . I will normally think about what the consequences would be first before getting into action.This is the link to my picasa album ABOUT ME.